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Midtown Ultimate

About Midtown Ultimate

    Midtown Ultimate (MU) was originally founded as "Midtown Dodgeball" in 2008 by longtime Sacramento resident Jeff Rainforth. After a successful year of putting on free, pickup dodgeball games in downtown Sacramento, the group decided to explore the sport "Ultimate Frisbee."

    Membership quickly grew as word spread about the coed & free pickup Ultimate Frisbee games in Midtown Sacramento. The group fielded its first team (Snake Bite) to Sacramento Ultimate Players Association's (SUPA) league in 2009. Six months later, Midtown Ultimate entered a second team (Anti-Venom) into SUPA's league. MU's team Snake Bite won their division's championship in SUPA's 2010 Spring Spirit League. The group's founder retired in 2010 to pursue a career in politics. Midtown Ultimate was then organized by Steven Tran, and Sean Barrow. In 2012, Ben Baumgardner took over the reigns for the group. Midtown Ultimate continues to put on coed & free pickup Ultimate Frisbee games in Midtown Sacramento.

    2011 Update
    MU's Anti-Venom places 2nd in SUPA's 2011 Fall Spirit League
    MU's Anti-Venom wins SUPA's 2011 Spring Spirit League championship by going 7-0

    Current Leadership:
    Ben Baumgardner
    U.S. Navy: 2003-07
    Attended CSU Sacramento

    Past Leadership:
    Steven Tran
    Attends College in Sacramento
    Coached MU's Anti-Venom to division champs, SUPA's 2011 Spring Spirit League

    Jeff Rainforth
    Candidate - CA. Governor, 2003